Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Self-Image and Success Thinking by George Zalucki

George Zalucki continues to inspire me. His teachings and programs have been part of my life for over 20 years, and the following extract is no less significant if you use it! Courtesy of George Zalucki's blog

If you are truly desiring success in business and your personal life, read this article daily and sign the affirmation at the end….

Probably the biggest trap or pitfall in life is self-doubt or low self-esteem.  It is a psychological pit designed and dug by our own minds but we constantly blame its development on others.

Life’s most pathetic expression is, “I can’t do that!”  Defeatism kills your self-image.  Even losing after a good fight raises self-esteem.  Your self-image sets the boundaries of your accomplishments.  Your mental picture of yourself is the real key to understanding your own personality and behavior.  All of your actions, feelings, behaviors, including your abilities, are always constant with your self-image.  You attract conditions in your life that are consistent with your self-image.

Each of us was engineered for happiness and success.  Your unconscious mind is absolutely impersonal.  It operates as a machine and has no “will” of its own.  It works only upon the data which you feed it in the form if ideas, beliefs, opinions, judgments, and interpretations.  You developed your own reaction patterns.  You learned those patterns, and you can learn new ones.  Your present negative beliefs were formed by thoughts plus feelings.

You can think new thoughts and feel new feelings.  Positive thinking does not change the beliefs one has about oneself.  Positive thinking works only when it is consistent with the individuals self image.
Your present state of self-esteem is the result of past experiences, which formed thoughts (impressions).  The thoughts about the experiences were then interpreted to mean something (which produced feelings), and finally, based upon emotions you felt, you formed judgments, which you etched in stone to become your self-image.

Quit meditating on your phobias and shortcomings.  Learn to be indifferent to your old thinking and reaction patterns.  Seek the truth!  The truth is: You are far more capable than anything you’ve accomplished to date indicates.

Esteem means to appreciate the worth of.  We stand in awe of the stars, the sea, the sunset, the beauty of a flower and then downgrade God’s greatest creation, OURSELVES.
Creating a better self-image does not create new abilities, talents, or powers; it simply releases and utilizes what is already lying dormant within you.

Accept yourself as you are, and start from there. Learn to emotionally tolerate imperfection in yourself.  Don’t get down on yourself because you’re not perfect.  You are “ Somebody Special”, NOW!  Accept yourself!  Be yourself!  Don’t turn your back on “you”!  It’s the only “you” in the game.  Live your life with zest, keenness, and a gusto that surmounts obstacles and brushes aside discouragement.  Take the lid off and play full out.  You’ll discover yourself when you do.


I accept fully the responsibilities for my own thoughts about myself.  I accept that I must open myself to new experiences if I am to develop as a person.  I forgive everyone (parents, friends, teachers) who ever told me I couldn’t do it.

I accept my self as a child of God forever capable of growing and expanding in service to others and myself.  I accept the responsibility to become all that I am capable of becoming.  I am committed to being “Awake” and “Alive” from this day forward.

I know fully that my thoughts fashion my reality and therefore I shall monitor all thoughts from my own mind and the minds of others that ever again suggest limitation.  I am on my way never to turn back.

There is no way I can fail if I monitor my thoughts and control my emotional reactions to the disappointments I shall encounter along my journey to success.  I know I must increase and balance  my level of business building activities and I will do so immediately from this day forward.

It is now only time and effort that separates me from my goal.  I am now fully committed to supplying plenty of both of these essential ingredients to create and justify the enormous financial and personal success that is certain to be mine in the near future.  In fact, I now declare myself to become a celebrated and recognized success by this date ____/___/____.
Signature: _______________.

Note:  Sign this article and then put it in a frame on your desk.  Read it once each day and you will see an enormous increase in your business and personal life.  A focused mind is unstoppable!

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