Friday, 15 February 2013

A Valuable Lesson on Reality From a Dentist!

I visited my dentist the other day and came away with more than just a tooth repair! I was reminded of a valuable lesson on reality.

Having broken a tooth some years earlier, it had a porcelain repair fitted by another dentist. Being relatively new to my present dentist, I thought it might be helpful if I gave a little background on the offending tooth so my new dentist knew what he was dealing with. Made sense I thought.

However, after a quick study of an X-ray taken of the area, my dentist politely informed me that he didn't need to know any previous history of the tooth, he had all he needed to work with right in front of him, right now.

This got me thinking (apart from feeling a little silly), and reminded me of a suggestion from Brian Tracy where an astute manager always asked about the reality of the business at the beginning of every meeting to get a clear picture of the facts as they are, not as they might like them to be.

This is a great question to ask yourself on a regular basis. Have you ever sat and asked yourself what your reality is? Right now? Not yesterday, last week or last month, but right now in relation to your goals or special project? This question gets you thinking and making decisions in the present because it gets right to the facts as they are now. And you can apply this to so many areas of your life!

This reality question got me thinking about my own efforts in relation to one of my own major goals this year. It will do the same for you.

If you have your own goals and things you want to achieve, by asking this question of yourself (and telling the truth) you will have a better understanding, and picture, of what your reality is. It's especially useful to help you identify corrective action to rectify any course of action (or lack of it) which may be getting you off track.

Don't worry if things don't all stack up, you now know something more than you did a few moments ago, and you have a tool which can help you focus on any specific areas to help you move forward. Don't necessarily change your goal, change your approach as Anthony Robbins proclaims. See what's working (or not), and keep at it always being mindful of what your reality is as you progress.

An added bonus is the development of a mindset which continually looks for, and measures progress, and as Peter Drucker say 'What gets measured, gets managed.'

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