Saturday, 31 March 2012

Are You Asking Life Intelligently For What You Want?

Anthony Robiins gives another wonderful demonstration of the power of asking life intelligently for what you want. Here he shows us why clarity is power and why you must know what you want precisely. Great teachers have demonstrated time and again the importance of knowing what you want with absolute precision. If you know what you want, you know the result you're after. That's a clear cut goal. If you don't have a clearly defined goal or aim, how do you know you don't already have it? And in order to propel us towards our goals consistently, we must have enough reasons why we're doing what we're doing. Do you have your reasons? If you're not making the kind of progress you want, maybe you need bigger reasons? Remember, a small fire gives a small amount of heat! Then there's your action plan. Don't wait until you have all the pieces in place - that moment will likely never happen. Get started where you stand and adapt as you make progress. The purpose of any plan is to make something a reality.

"You can always correct a poor decision, but if you do nothing, you can never get the time back" ~ Nian Disesa (from McCann Erickson and one of America's 50 most powerful women according to Fortune Magazine 2000).

There are few inherantly right or wrong decsions. Instead, we must have the courage to make decisions, then make them right. That's what leadership is all about. Decide on your goals, create a big enough list of reasons to persist, and with some added 'fire' from Anthony Robbins, how can you possible fail?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Importance Of Setting Your Own Wage

The first time I read in Napoleon Hill's great book "Think and Grow Rich" in 1983 I confess I missed the significance of developing a wealth consciousness, or a buring desire for money. It is upon this one point that so much depends I now realise. I think Jesse B. Rittenhouse sums up my point in his poem 'Wage' really well:

I bargained with life for a penny,
And life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store;
For life is a just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why, you must bear the task.
I worked for a menial's hire,
Only to learn dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of life,
Life would have paid.

Napoleon Hill suggests that by develping and nurturing a money consciousness, that is, a desire for a specific amount of money, our obsession for money impresses our subconscious mind to the point where it hands over to us, in the form of a flash of inspiration, a plan by which we may accummulate the money. Stop for a moment and think of the power of that statement. In fact, read it again until it really sinks in (it could save you years of effort and trial and error!). There is truth and magic in these words, and each and every one of us has access to this great power. Can you imagine an exact amount of money you'd like? That's the easy part. Now make it an obsession, and your subconscious mind WILL present you with a plan and the best means possible for accummulating the money. Imagine...

To those who have read the book this is no secret, but my point is why do so many of us ignore this great secret of wealth accummulation, and search outside of ourselves for someone else's plan? We do this in jobs, 'opportunities' and other such schemes, and if we only had the foresight to look within ourselves and make use of this God given ability just think what could be accomplished? But why does this work? Mr Hill draws our attention to a famous quote from William Ernest Henley who wrote "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul" and the missing element we are the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls BECAUSE we have the power to control our thoughts. How does this help?

Our brains become magnetised with the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds. And by means by which no man is familiar, these magnetic forces attract to us the forces, the people and the circumstances of life which harmonise with the nature of our dominating thoughts. Incredible. So, in order to accumulate riches in great abundance we must magnetise our minds with intense desire for riches that we become so money conscious that the desire for money drives us to create definite plans for acquiring it. Do you have your plan? Are you cultivating a money consciousness? Are you making use of this inate talent for creating all the wealth you could possibly desire? If not, you'll always have someone else telling you what to do, and you surely don't want that do you? 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Time For A Holiday?

Not a promo for Thompson I might add, but nevertheless a great ad with a top soundtrack. You can't help but feel just a little bit better after watching it - top job indeed! The track is "What a Wonderful World" by Joey Ramone from 2002.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Reward Each Step On Your Journey To Success

This last Saturday morning I treated myself to a visit at my local Harley-Davidson dealer. I recognise this may not appeal to everybody, but please bear with me! The one thing that struck me there was the feeling of excitement, of anticipation, of energy - that people were getting ready to embark on some kind of exciting journey. There was a real buzz about the place which made you want to be part of it. Maybe it's just something you feel if you own (or have owned) a motorcycle. But one thing is for sure, it got me thinking about two things; 1. How many of us deliberately put ourselves in situations or environments which inspire, that get us excited, that make us want to join in and connect with a group of likeminded positive individuals who are going someplace with their lives?, and 2. When was the last time you rewarded yourself for reaching a goal, no matter how small, which represented a significant step towards a larger goal you set for yourself? Giving yourself a pat on the back gives your subconscious the thumbs up for more of the same. And this has got to be good. What I'm saying here is we need to expose ourselves to positive inspiration, the good stuff, to feed our desire to be better. Listen to inspirational things, read the lives of people who overcame incredible obstacles to reach their successes. Who knows where it may lead you...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mind Body Soul and Spirit Information

Regardless of personal viewpoint about spirituality, many have wondered what would have happened if Saddam Hussein hadn't been stopped when he first invaded Kuwait back in the early nineties? Well, this story explores that scenario to its surprising conclusion and then reinvents the scene time and again in a sequence similar to 'Groundhog Day' but in a mind, body, spirit theme. The result is a story that has led many readers to question their concept of so-called reality! I initially believed I was writing a fictional story about angel ET benefactors influencing our world. But when I completed the first book, The Blue Star Millennium, many readers were convinced that the depicted world events had actually happened, even though recorded history shows a different outcome. That's when the concept of an alternative reality suddenly gelled into the possibility that world events could change depending on the will of the masses.

As far as I was concerned, I was simply writing an inspirational mind, body, spirit story about angel extraterrestrial intervention, but I didn't know where the story was going until it unfolded before me ... and I have to admit, I was surprised at some of the content. The story largely centered on the Gulf War and the changing of events under the influence of a benevolent, angelic race of Beings in the form of extraterrestrial benefactors. The central character in these books is an angel who integrates with human society under the watchful influence of his mentor, the White Star.

Many who have read these esoteric books have queried whether the White Star is real ... and if so, did he help change world events in keeping with the will of the masses - the ones currently inhabiting our world ... You and me? From that angle, did he also influence my writing in a more spiritual slant? To be honest, I don't know! If he did, I am grateful that he shared this metaphysical knowledge, but a little confused why he would choose me. I'm just an ordinary guy who grew up on the rougher side of town with few privileges, and new age spirituality was not part of my upbringing. I've had my share of knocks that life tends to deal out to all those who walk this earth. However, I've also had my share of unusual (for want of a better term) experiences ... but I'm getting off the track here.

If we take this concept of ET extraterrestrial angels to its logical conclusion, are we not all such Beings? After-all, we are simply visiting this planet for a short while to experience our individual lessons and then we depart - so how can we say that we are of this planet? We simply inhabit a body here temporarily so that we can function in this world. So, whether these metaphysics philosophy books are influenced by extraterrestrial angels, or resulted from my own tapping into the higher consciousness that is the source of us all ... what is the difference? The result is equally fascinating and the concepts that these self improvement stories present will challenge your view of life as you know it.

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Author Bio

Born November 30 in New Zealand, David Gau-Ghan shares the same birthday as Mark Twain. The years are obviously different; however, alternative thinkers will stick with Gau-Ghan like paint to the picket fence in Huckleberry Finn. Gau-Ghan has traveled extensively - Many places mentioned in his books on are described from personal experience

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Setting Goals: Your Only Recipe For Success

Goals are like signposts. As long as you can see these signposts, then you know you are heading in the right direction. When you set goals, you eliminate the possibility veering off the track and derailing into failure. When a train veers of the rails, the entire locomotive is derailed. Looking at the rails, one does not see anything special in them; just a solid mass of steel. But that simple mass of steel ensures that the train remains on course and that everyone on board reaches their destination safely and on time. Goals are like rails. Without them, our claim to success will never find expression in reality. Just as a train must stay on the rails to complete the journey, our dreams, our ambitions, and our desires must find expression in goals that are clear, realistic and timely. When we have well articulated and clearly defined goals, the journey towards success becomes lighter, even less tiring. This is because goals help us to (i) stay focused (ii) be realistic in our expectations (iii) gauge our progress (iv) avoid being overwhelmed (v) re-evaluate and redefine our strategy to ensure conformity and consistency with our objectives.

Stay Focused
John Maxwell says "obstacles are the things you see when you take your eyes off the goal". How true! Every time you take your eyes away from the goal at hand, you will surely wander off into troubled waters. If you get to a point in your success journey where you can't see your goal, you are definitely headed into failure territory. Goals constantly remind us that there are tasks that need to be done, and within a particular time frame, for us to make progress. Without goals reminding us of where we are and what we are supposed to do to get where we ought to be, we will only be working hard and achieving nothing. Hard work, as Maxwell says, "is the accumulation of easy tasks you did not do when you should have". The easy routine tasks that we sometimes ignore feeds into our success. Failure to perform these tasks will translate into failure.

Goals Must Be Realistic
Goals must be firmly established upon unflinching reality. If you want to go to New York and you only have ten dollars, it would be foolhardy to start packing for your journey. The reality is that boarding a plane to New York from Nairobi costs more than 10 dollars! But you say, "I have faith in God"? Well, faith is not foolish, neither is it an emotion. No amount of goose bumps or frenzied hysteria will take you to New York on ten dollars. Be real or you will miss the deal.

Goals Are Yardsticks
Like yardsticks, goals help us gauge or measure our progress, or lack of it. Without goals constantly reminding us where we are and what we should be doing to get where we ought to be, we will be running wild. No amount of sticking our head deep into the sand will help us achieve success. We must stick it out to the end by daily attaining the goals we have set for ourselves. This can only be done if today's tasks are 'done' today! To post pone to tomorrow today's task will only mean one thing: a clog up tasks. The result is that we end up breaking our backs trying to accomplish both yesterday's and today's tasks; resulting in sloppy and unfinished tasks.

Goals Help Us Avoid Overwhelm
To de-stress our lives, we need to learn how to work smart by finishing our daily tasks on schedule. This is important if we are to avoid being overwhelmed by tasks carried over from yesterday. One of the leading causes of burnout and depression is the failure to tackle simple tasks on time. As tasks pile up one after another, we end up having to work overtime and sometimes overnight; pushing our body to limits it was not designed to go. To avoid overwhelm, learn to decongest your life by doing what must be done today, today! However if you want to work hard and up stressing yourself, go ahead and let the tasks accumulate.

Goals Help Us Re-strategize
Finally we need to re-evaluate and redefine our strategy to ensure conformity with our objectives. Strategies help us achieve our goals faster. However, some of the strategies we use are sometimes rendered obsolete by the passage of time. When this happens, it is important to redefine or tweak them a little. Strategies must always remain relevant and in line with the desired goals. When they become irrelevant or obsolete, they should be discarded and new ones invented. Strategies help us save time by crowding out irrelevant tasks; those that only take up our time but which do not feed into in to our goals. Strategies also help us to concentrate on priority tasks; those that are crucial to the attainment of our goals.

Author Bio
Innocent Mwangi Gathungu is a motivational and inspirational speaker. He specialises in helping people in their spiritual lives and in motivating them to achieve their highest potential. For motivational and inspirational articles, visit his websites at and

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Power of Seizing The Day

My wife and I met with some dear friends in the ancient village of Shaftesbury not long ago, where we came across this plaque in tribute to King Knut. It moved me immensely. King Knut died in Shaftesbury and was buried in Winchester, the then English capital. He was quoted by historians as being "the most effective king in Anglo-Saxon history", but this is not the reason I wanted you to see this small sign.

Just look at the dates: Born AD 995; died AD 1035. Read the wisdom quoted thereon. King Knut was just 40 years old at the time of his death. Just consider his philosophy of life for a moment. Does it make you aware of your own mortality? It did me. Depends how old you are of course, but the message holds true. We have but a limited time on this earth to make our mark.

Did you see the film "Dead Poets Society?" English Professor John Keating (played by Robin Williams) takes his fresh and eager pupils at the start of their studies to see a black and white student photo. His intention is to remind them that each and every one of the students in the photo is dead! And that each and every one of us has but a limited spell on earth to make their mark! Seize the day! Create a life for yourself you're proud of, and be uniquely YOU!

To Your Success!

Are You An Encourager?

Have you ever been discouraged from achieving something important to you by some well-meaning authority figure? I know I have. I know you have too. And to make it even worse, they even told you you couldn't do it. These kind of comments stick because we attach the emotion of "I'm not good enough" to them. Success doesn't have to be just about money and living an affluent lifestyle to deserve praise and encouragement. For most of us, fulfilling our potential is all that matters. Know that with the current world population at a little over 7 billion, there have never been two people alike, or ever will be. It stands to reason therefore that no two people want the same things. And even though we may 'want' our own success, when was the last time ANYONE gave you any encouragement? It's a fact most people recall being told what they could not do more times than they could ever recall being told what they could do.

History tells us many successful people achieved success in every field of endeavour. And not everyone had a large home or big bank account as evidence! So when we see people with their own agenda, their own dreams and aspirations, would it not serve humanity better if we encouraged instead of criticised? Now I'm not suggesting for a moment that we just tell everyone they can achieve anything they desire - that would be cruel; just look at our education system churning out students with top grades but without a decent education. We each have our unique, special gifts to offer the world, and each other. This is why our relationshiops with other people are so important. In fact I'll go as far as to say that evertthing we do in life depends on how good we are at building relationships. And people respond best with encouragement and sincere, heartfelt praise.

"I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among men the greatest asset I possess. The
way to develop the best that is in a man is by appreciation and encouragement.
I have yet
to find the man, however exalted his station, who did not do better work
and put forth
greater effort under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism." ~ Charles Scwab

Now, to give you some idea of the value of that statement, Charles Schwab was the first man in America to be paid over US$1 million in the great depression era. Therefore is not encouragment and your relationships with other people one of the most, if not THE most valuable asset you can possess? Appreciation and encouragment works. So althougb it's obvious we may not want the same things, how good do you feel when you put a smile on someone else's face? How good do you feel when you help someone up who needs just that little bit of encouragement? Look for the good is what I'm saying. Encourage and be sincere about it. If not, it's manipulative. We may not all be reaching for the stars, but I believe it's far better to give each and every one of us the benefit of the doubt.
To your success!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Define Success Your Way!

How many times have you thought success always seemed to happen to the other guy, or gal? I know I have. And how many times have you set goals intended to make a positive difference to your life and the lives of your loved ones? And for whatever reason, they just didn't quite happen. But they're still there niggling away in the back of your mind. And sooner or later, you KNOW you'll just HAVE to do something about them.

First off, your goals have to be specific to YOU. Don't allow someone else's life to be a yardstick for your own. I know some of the goals I set for myself don't come naturally but I work at them. I prefer instead to think of the possibilities and so should you. I'm no good at athletics for example but I like running (ahem, jogging... occasionally), I wasn't particularly academic at school (I preferred to draw!). Art, technical drawing or woodwork and I was happy as Larry!

Comparing doesn't work. I bet if you put a brain surgeon into your job, they couldn't do it as well as you because they don't have your skills or experience (provided you're not a brain surgeon already that is!), and this is true for all of us. We each have our own unique skills and abilities, and we should focus on them and what we're best at. Furthermore, you probably already know where your skills and interests lie.

"The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make
a living at doing what they most enjoy" ~ Malcolm Forbes

I was always told I was too interested in other people - and now I get the opportunity to use that interest by helping put people in front of resources which make use of the skills and talents they already possess. And in the process, create success their way!

To YOUR success!