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What Is The Power To Create Wealth From Nothing?

Written by Paul Counsel, self-made millionaire and author of The Infinite Wealth Trilogy at

One thing you must always keep in mind is that learning is a process of discovering the new. It’s getting access to things you don’t know you don’t know.

Because most people demonstrate they have learned the skills of financial underachievement, it stands to reason that they are capable of learning skills. Skills can only be learned over time and they can only be learned with repetition. No skill that I know of can be instantly learnt. All skills require time and practice. If people can learn the skills of financial underachievement, it must also be possible to learn the skills of being wealthy.

What You Need

All you need is some useful information, someone to mentor you in its application, time and practice.

If you put all these together, and you apply all that you learn, you will become wealthy. It's the Law of Cause and Effect. True learning works from unenlightenment to enlightenment. It doesn’t work the other way around. The trouble with most people is that they stop learning very early in their lives and get stuck with blueprints of struggle and lack.

To be successful on your wealth journey, you must employ the principle of total responsibility. If you are not prepared to take total responsibility for your present economic circumstances, and quit the blaming process, there is no need to read any further because you won’t find anything in these pages that will help you. As soon as you quit the blaming process and employ the principle of total responsibility, you move from a position of being out of control to a position of being in control of your financial destiny.

Where Wealth Creation Starts

The starting place for all wealth creation begins with protecting what you’ve already got and reclaiming the power of what you already earn. Most people start their wealth creation strategies from the wrong assumption. A popular one is that you must have money to make money. This is incorrect. If it were correct then there could be no stories about people who start from nothing and become multimillionaires in relatively few years. My story is one of these and I’ll share some of it with you.

Basically I started with zero $’s and zero assets. What I did have was an absolute belief in myself, a passion for learning, a commitment to succeed and a determination never to go back to the lifestyle I was living. When I started off, one of the best things I did was give myself permission to be wrong. As soon as I gave myself permission to be wrong, I no longer had to do what everybody else was doing. I no longer had to think what they were thinking. I no longer had to believe what they believed and I no longer had to behave the way they behaved. As a result it only took me four years to make my first million dollars.

Focus On Solving The Right Problem

As I said, the starting point for wealth creation is the protection of what you already have and the protection of what you already earn. You must protect yourself from people who want to lighten your economic load and not offer you knowledge and a commensurate learning experience in return. Most people attempt to solve the wrong problem and that’s the lack of money in their lives. In other words, they focus on the result and not the cause.

Most people fail to solve the problem because in order to solve it you must use information and knowledge you don’t presently have. Without this knowledge you can’t solve the puzzle and you end up running around in circles and using the same money habits that are presently causing the results you’re achieving.

To Change, You Need Different Knowledge

If you want to be successful, somewhere along the line there must be some intervention strategies. You must change the way you think about wealth and to do this you need access to different knowledge.

As mentioned above, most people start from the wrong place. Your starting point must be, "how can I reclaim the power of what I already earn?" Most of the 100% you already earn has no power. If you’re like most Australians you'll currently be spending around 115% of what you earn. If you’re like most Americans, you’ll be spending 125% of what you earn and you’ll be surviving on credit to make up the shortfall. This is simply not sustainable over the long-term. If you want financial success, this strategy, despite its popularity, will not work for you.

Ask Better Questions

If I ask you to reclaim 50% of the power of the money you already earn, you might say, "that’s all very well for you, but how do I live?" My response is, "that’s a better question than how do I get more income." It’s also a more appropriate problem to solve. Solve the problem of how you’ll live off 50% of the income you already receive and then use the surplus for your investment needs.

There are many ways to solve this problem and, if you allow me, I’ll teach them to you. All you have to do is begin asking questions. There are many ways to solve this problem and of course we’ll teach them to you. All you have to do is begin asking questions.


Side Note:

I explained in detail how to solve the biggest problem people face on their journey to wealth. You can find it in the first book of the Infinite Wealth Trilogy at


You must begin by reclaiming all those dollars that automatically leave your pay packet each fortnight/month. You must stop giving away your dollars to the wealth creation funds of others. Over a lifetime, most people are happy to drink a fortune, smoke a fortune, wear a fortune, drive a fortune, and entertain a fortune. It’s these fortunes that you must reclaim.

And when you do, you can begin to use their power to create real wealth.

Written by Paul Counsel, self-made millionaire and author of The Infinite Wealth Trilogy,


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