Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Follow The Signs Life Presents Uniquely To You Every Day

Today I was reminded of a story of a man who believed a miracle would save him whilst ignoring signs all around him that would lead him to safety.

The man was a faithful devotee of God and believed that He would help him in times of trouble. The man lived in a small village which was about to be overwhelmed by a great flood.

Firstly, the man was warned by neighbours of the impending flood; "Leave your home they urged, and find higher ground for you will surely drown if you stay where you are."

The man refused saying; "God will not abandon me, I will stay in my home and be spared."

Not long after, the water began to rise forcing the man to the upper floor of his home, whereupon a man in a passing boat offered him safe passage to dry land. The man refused declaring once again that God would save him.

As the waters continued to rise, the man was forced onto the roof of his home wherupon a helicopter appeared and offered to winch the man to safety. Again the man refused believing that God would save him. The waters continued to rise and the man was swept away and drowned.

When the soul of the drowned man appeared before God in Heaven, he complained that inspite of his faith, God did not help him. Then God smilingly asked the soul “Who said I did not help you? I tried to help you thrice by first offering you the warning, then the man in the boat, then the helicopter. But you foolishly refused it all. What else could I do but let you drown?”

People usually believe that if they pray to God everything will be given to them (emphasis on the 'given'). This is not entirely true. God will help only those who are willing to help themselves. In other words, we must put in our own effort in order to help ourselves. It's like the man who sat in front of the stove and said "Give me heat, then I'll add the wood."

If we find ourselves in a situation (often of our own making), and do nothing but believe that God will miraculously get us out of it, we are bound to meet with frustration. In fact the miracle we seek in this type of situation will seldom come, if at all.

Think of the times each day when you receive or become aware of a sign or a course of action which would move you forward, but you choose to ignore it. Each one of us receives these signs every day. They might come in the form of a hunch, or a gut feeling but you'll know it when it happens. I have a single friend who is always telling me about all these attractive women he sees, but never does anything about. Do you think he might have a similar conversation with God like the man who drowned?!

Whatever your goals in life, be willing and vigilant to look for the signs which will direct you towards that which you seek. Rest assured they are there. Pay attention, recognise them when they present themselves, and more importantly, follow them. They will accumulate, miraculously so, to raise you to your own piece of higher ground from which to enjoy a view of your own making.

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