Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rid Yourself Of Fear, Fearlessly!

What a silly thing to say, don't you think? Not necessarily when you know the power of creating a single photographic collage.
Col-lage n. An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with unifying lines and color.

7 Powerful Uses Of Creating Collages:
1. To break up the mental image that is fear. Collage images that represent fear and see what happens to your state of mind. Very surprising and powerful!
2. To create a visual of your dream life to magnetically attract your dreams into your life. This is sometimes referred to as Treasure Mapping.
3. To break through your conscious riddence of your inner self. Have you trained yourself to be an "adult" and put away the passions of your childhood? Your collage can reveal the part of yourself that you have forgotten if that is your purpose.
4. To communicate a negative feeling you have to someone who cannot understand your verbal message. Our minds think in pictures. Through pictures we can convey what language cannot.
5. Purely as a work of art. Collage art can be very expressive and beautiful. It offers an opportunity for the uses of all sorts of multi-media such as texture objects, metal, paper, etc.
6. To reveal a thought pattern you may not realize about yourself. As you share your collage with others for comments, they may notice something in yours that you hadn't realized. Suddenly you notice something about yourself without the other person even noticing your discovery.
7. To create a visual journal of your life and passions in life. Bring your favorite life experiences forward photographically. Remember photographs used as collage have overlapping edges. They are not lined up in straight rows like in a photograph album. It's a great technique to use in creating a scrapbook.

All in all creating collages is a powerful tool to use when you are stuck in any way. Fear will leave you stuck. Break it up with a collage of photographs that represent fear.
Stuck for ideas? Create a collage of photographs that represent stagnation. You will be very surprised.
Wondering where you can easily get the pictures for your collage?
Here are some ways:
1. Use outdated magazines and tear out pages that seem to represent your theme or feeling.
2. Use family photographs
3. Join a clip art website for a week and look through all their photographs and save the ones that stand out for you.
4. Use scraps of paper, fabric, various texture items like flower petals, grass, leaves, etc.
5. Spend the day at Lake Pawtuckaway in Nottingham, New Hampshire Oct 15 and create your collage with all materials supplied for a day! See http://www.discoveryourinnersoul.com
Collages can be made from any group of objects or photographs you desire. They can be for almost any purpose.
Create a collage and see what happens!

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