Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Reward Each Step On Your Journey To Success

This last Saturday morning I treated myself to a visit at my local Harley-Davidson dealer. I recognise this may not appeal to everybody, but please bear with me! The one thing that struck me there was the feeling of excitement, of anticipation, of energy - that people were getting ready to embark on some kind of exciting journey. There was a real buzz about the place which made you want to be part of it. Maybe it's just something you feel if you own (or have owned) a motorcycle. But one thing is for sure, it got me thinking about two things; 1. How many of us deliberately put ourselves in situations or environments which inspire, that get us excited, that make us want to join in and connect with a group of likeminded positive individuals who are going someplace with their lives?, and 2. When was the last time you rewarded yourself for reaching a goal, no matter how small, which represented a significant step towards a larger goal you set for yourself? Giving yourself a pat on the back gives your subconscious the thumbs up for more of the same. And this has got to be good. What I'm saying here is we need to expose ourselves to positive inspiration, the good stuff, to feed our desire to be better. Listen to inspirational things, read the lives of people who overcame incredible obstacles to reach their successes. Who knows where it may lead you...

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  1. Wow -what an inspiring thought: deliberately put ourselves in situations which inspire and get us excited. I have just recently come to realize the extreme importance of surrounding myself with quality people. Thanks, Rick!