Monday, 1 October 2012

A Formula That Will Revolutionise Classroom Learning... set up by Salman Khan (not to be confused with the Bollywood actor) is probably the world's most revolutionary educational system - all on video! In fact, he currently has around 3000 free educational videos and is considered by Time Magazine the fourth most influencial person in the world.

His aim is to create "the world's first free, world-class virtual school where anyone can learn anything."

Here's what Bill Gates says about Sal Khan...

Khan believes the rigidity of the school's education system is outdated and stiffles a child's natural curiosity. "Aged one to four, kids are excited by anything new, they want to figure it out, then all of a sudden when they turn five you start seeing fewer curious kids, by nine or 10 you see very few with any curiosity, and by 18 it's very much the exception. Curioisty is just stamped out of them...
... kids are herded together, the bell rings, you're reqwarded for passivity, you're rewared with compliance, that's what keeps you moving through the system. Because kids are not enabled to reach their full potential, society remains at a status quo. Private school education makes little difference, and most do not show a discernable difference in results. Khan says "If you're able to learn the material that your child's learning, then they have an awesome tutor at home." He's right.

"I think the potential for society is not just five or 10 per cent better, but an order of magnitude better. GDP would grow, people would be happy."

What do you think?

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