Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Are Big Enough Reason(s) Enough To Guarantee Success?

This question comes up a lot. Why is it when we have a proven system for achieving anything we want in life, do we choose not to use it? I mean, if you wanted to achieve any goal, and I mean ANY goal you set for yourself, like more money, a better career, better health, the perfect partner, (you get the idea) great vacations anywhere in the world, you COULD do it - if you wanted to (incidentally more people spend more time planning a vacation than they do their entire lives).

So, what's the problem?...

...Why don't we do it? What reasons do we give ourselves for not playing the game of life full-out?

Our habitual way of thinking AND the thoughts we allow our minds to dwell upon ultimately determine our destiny. And this gift of thought is a two-edged sword. On the one hand our mind can serve us well, and on the other it can essentially destroy us. It's up to us to control our thinking. The thoughts of possibility for us have to be maintained, not just after some motivational conference or inspirational program, but to the point where they become a habit.

And that's where our reasons to succeed come into play - as reminders of the good life we want to lead. But we have to keep it up. We have to focus and discipline ourselves until it becomes a habit. It's no good deciding on some personal goal if you're only going to focus on it once a week. That won't work.

You see... EVERY single thought you and I have is a road to somewhere. Our thoughts create our reality. As you think, so shall you BECOME, meaning, your dominant thoughts become a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. So few people are aware of the power of their minds, or take control of their thinking and yet it is our thinking that makes what's so in our world (think about it!)

Ironically, our thoughts create the conditions we then say we want to correct, then we use new thought to create the conditions WE brought into existence. Amazing.

"Men go through life trying to change the circumstances of their lives
blind to the fact that the circumstances that they seek to change
were the creations of their own mind" ~ Disraeli

We think ourselves into the circumstances of our lives and live as though it weren't true. It wasn't until someone reminded me recently of how we can get distracted, that it occured to me. Take a few moments to look around you at all the negative influences bombarding us relentlessly from every direction. TV, the news, problems aired by our colleagues (take a good look at who you hang out with) our daily habits and routines(!), input from our environment, the commute to work, all of which conspire against us to increase stress levels until we get to the end of the day and literally switch off, exhausted. Then we do it all again the next day. No wonder we have so many psychosomatic illnesses troubling us today. If you're feeling depressed, stop thinking depressing thoughts.

How on earth then are we going to make the change? To live the life we truly want for ourselves. Even when we declare we REALLY want something, plan for it, say we're going to do it, and yes we really ARE going to do it this time, our resolve can get seriously diluted by all the above. The answer? Get specific.

As Zig Ziglar reminds us...
"Are you a meaningful specific or a wandering generality?" You decide.

Decide on that goal you want for yourself and your loved ones.
Make a commitment to yourself that you WILL achieve it.
Write it down and put a date on it when you intend to achieve it.
Remind yourself every moment you can with a list of reasons WHY you are going to succeed. And keep at it. Use the gift of imagination. Visualise - this helps enormously to speed things up by focussing your mind on what you want to see in your life.

 "What a day of awakening it is when a human being
recognises that the circumstances they're in are uniquely
of their own choosing and making" ~ Socrates.

Remember that all of this takes discipline and practice. Recognise that if you want to achieve something you've never achieved before, you'll have to do some things you've never done before - there's no such thing as a big prize for something easy.

Listen to motivational programs that inspire you to keep moving towards your goals. Ensure your actions are for the highest good of all concerned. Study the lives of people who have achieved the kind of success you aspire to, because as you embark on your journey, the proven way to success is to learn from those who can offer you the tools and techniques you need to give you the best chance of success.

By now I trust you're excited! We are all experts at pointing the fingure outwards and seldom inwards at ourselves. We openly declare that we cannot do things when clearly we can, but we won't. Does this sound like you? Will you take a stand and keep your word to yourself and your commitment? If so, one of the best ways to start thinking of the possibilities is to click here to learn a powerful formula to achieve your goals from three of the gurus behind "The Secret."

Take a few moments to read every word of this special letter because it will help you think in the most positive ways to ensure your success.

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