Thursday, 29 November 2012

Why I Do What I Do...

I first discovered "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill on vinyl in 1984! You've probably heard of it (no pun intended!) Since then I have purchased Napoleon Hill's great book on CD and in paperback form. I still refer to it often.

From that moment on I was intrigued by this life-enhancing process, and wanted to use it in my own life to become a success. Now before you think oh here's another one of those millionaire types about to pitch me something, let me tell you it hasn't all been plain sailing and I am by no means a millionaire - far from it, although I am still working on the illusive financial independence - ask my ever patient wife!

Earlier I wrote a post called The Motivation Myth which makes a case for all motivation coming from within, and that external motivation doesn't last. However, it was that last part which got me thinking that perhaps I was giving the impression I was attempting to position myself as some kind of motivator, (the external type) blogging about motivation which, by my own admission, seldom lasts. Bear with me.

School; hardly what you might call education

I then started thinking about school and how 'information' was hurled at us at breakneck speed with hardly a moment to digest it, let alone read/understand fully what was being written! Hardly what you might call being 'educated.' In fact, by the end of regular school, higher education seemed furthest from our minds, yet leaving school should mark the beginning of one's education, not the end!

Instead, I intend to position myself more as a guide, pointing the way to resources which have stood the test of time. The Bible immediately sprang to mind as I wrote those words (thank you Lord!) I like to think my 30+ year journey into self development has been worthwhile. And if I can save you just a little bit of time or money, or worry by pointing to a book, an article, someone else's blog post, a program (you get the picture) which has helped me in some way, it may help you too.

My mission

I value integrity as you do, so you won't find me endorsing products I haven't used myself, or any type of get-rich-quick type of program. My mission is to help people succeed because I know from experience how difficult it can be to cut through the clutter and get to what works. By helping others I am in fact helping myself in that I am learning so much more by giving back.

To that end I wish you well, and trust this has given you some insight into why I do what I do. It's like a bit of a lengthy bio, and I thank you for reading this far!

May I wish you all the success and achievement you deserve. As always, I welcome your comments, worries, challenges, hopes , fears, wishes - you get the picture!

Speak to you soon!

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