Thursday, 16 August 2012

30 Days Says You CAN...

Matt Cutts from (Technology, Entertainment, Design) gives a brief talk on the power of trying something new for 30 days. Nothing new you might say, but after viewing this brief video your mind will be chalking up fresh ideas by the truckload! Why? Because 30 days is a period most of us can 'see' easily as opposed to say, 5 year goals.

In addition, it gets YOU thinking of possibilities instead of goalsetting being a process whereby most of us feel it's someone else's idea to make us become more than we comfortably feel we can become.

This concept is all the more doable because the period of 30 days means we won't have to stretch ourselves too far, adding to the likelihood that we'll give it a try - something missing from most other goal setting processes.

In addition, you can set another goal the following month without too much emphasis being placed on the preceding 30 days. Encouragement indeed if any were needed.

What I like most about this idea is that its appeal is widespread. Even if you haven't achieved anything you might describe as significant in your life to date, this gets the creative juices flowing! You might also discover during this process, that once you achieve your first 30 day goal, you might get to like the process so much that you extend both the time period and the size of the goal!

After all, as Matt explains, small steps are what count.

If you ever watched the great movie 'Contact' with Jodie Foster, she reaches a distant planet through much turmoil to be met by a superior being resembling the familiar face of her deceased father, who says that 'small moves' are the way forward.

Small steps accumulate leading any one of us to the destination of our choice. This process gets you thinking of destinations and helps cultivate a 'can do' attitude which has to be good. This simple idea is therfore so much more than a 30 day test. It can change our entire lives!

I'd very much to hear your comments and achievements as a result of this one idea. Please do leave your comments.

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