Monday, 16 April 2012

The Incredible Results of Teamwork and The Mastermind Principle

The excitement that comes from working towards a common aim with sympathetic minds is well documented. But more importantly because the process makes use of the mastermind principle so aptly described by Napoleaon Hill in his great book 'Think and Grow Rich.' If you want to see this power at work, and what can be accomplished by teamwork, a shared passion and commitment, review this article which documents the painstaking process of restoring a Mark 1 Spitfire washed up (incredibly) on the shores of Calais, practically intact, in the 80's. Think about the lengths these people went to to bring this project to its rightful conclusion. Yet how many of us get put off at the first signs of difficulty and abandon our project? Anything worthy of achievment is likely to be fraught with challenges and difficulty - why? There's never been a victory without a battle! But just look at what can be acheived - the sky's the limit (so to speak!).

That article again:

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